Side Projects


I created this simple application based off a highly motivational phrase from a wise man so I can track how much water I drink during the day. It uses VueUse's useStorage composable and PrimeVue as a component library.

Lemon Balm Kitchen

Work in progress, more to come on this!

Lemon Balm Kitchen is my personal recipe database. My wife and I use it daily when preparing meals, meal planning, and searching for what to eat. Currently it is full of plant based recipes and am still deciding which direction I'd like to go with this.

Guess the 50 states game

Quick side project using Vue 2.7 to create a game where you have to try to guess all the 50 states in America. This was loosely inspired by the Friends episode where Ross thinks it would be so easy to guess all the 50 states and finds out it's actually harder than expected.

Terminal Vue

Work in progress

I created this to learn a little more about creating a library and to investigate Histoire. The project uses Vite to bundle the component's JavaScript.