SQL beginner resources

November 6, 2022


I've been primarily focused on front-end work the past 8+ years of my career. I've always had to touch various levels of the stack from time to time but I was mostly situated in the front-end and middle-tier.

I'm currently working on an application to convert recipes into a shopping list (and more!). I took the front-end as far as I could while prototyping how it would work before I realized I really needed to think about the data structure of this application.

This sent me down the road of brushing up on my SQL skills. Relational databases are extremely powerful and I needed their help in this application. Here's some links of some resources I used to start thinking about structured data again.

  • SQLBolt - I don't learn well from only reading, I need to have some exercises to build those pathways in my brain. SQLBolt provides some great examples for getting the SQL juices flowing again.
  • SQL Joins Explained - SQL Bolt did a decent job of explaining joins but I was still missing something. This video provides some great visuals to really nail down the difference between the different types of joins.

These two links were perfect for me, who had a little SQL experience but needed a refresher. I'm remembering some SQL projects from college and the awesome feeling you can get from pulling any data you want from a properly structured relational database. 🤖